The People Portrait Project


Calling my people: friends, family, just met, know through social media, or even those I don’t know and would love to meet you.

I love people and I love the emotional expression that photography can bring out of people—as I put it, “where raw meets beauty”. We all need to feel beautiful don’t we? Cause my friend, you are beautiful.

On the real, I’m tight on finances with living on my own and I need a game plan. But instead of simply raising funds, I want to give back to my community and to my friends in the process. I thought of a great idea I call The People Portrait Project. This would be a photography venture to shoot 1 hour long portraits for $50 (tips welcomed). That’s it! People will give me a few time slots that will work for them, we will discuss a “look” to achieve (see below). How does that sound? Your $50 will go far in this huge life step of mine. And the benefits are definitely for the both of us!

So with that said, if you’re interested and/or know someone who is, DM or email me (@bendulay777 or Let’s get shooting!



Coffee shop – cup of joe, journaling, looking out window, artsy, practicing craft, entrepreneurial, downtime

Downtown streets (semi-formal) – suit jacket, dress shoes, leather, clutch, crossing the street, street corner, storefronts

Bookstore – elegant, down-to-earth, reading a book, sitting in the middle of the aisle, nerdy, stack of books, comfortable, timeless

Open Road – sitting/standing in middle of road, holding a flag, running, hair flowing, golden hour or dusk

*Additional looks not listed here are welcome to consider



1 hour coverage • San Diego & beyond • fitness apparel, innercity vibe, jogging, headphones, riding a bike, hoodie, action shots, sporty poses


Morning Light


1 hour coverage • San Diego & beyond • soft light, neutrals, pastel colors, spacious, sunrise




1 hour coverage • San Diego & beyond • oceanscape, salty, barefoot, blanket, golden hour, sunset, bathing suit, jean shorts, surfboard, tan lines