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Alive & well.

"Jesus is the Lord." I hear it all the time. And I say it, believe it, know it
—for I profess to be a Christian, a Jesus follower. But even though it's mentioned a lot, do I truly know the significance of what I'm saying?
Do I realize the power of that statement?

See, Jesus is many things to many people. Most who know of the name
of Jesus acknowledge him as a real person. He was born, he lived a life, he died. Some see him as a rabbi, a religious teacher. Others see him as Joseph's son, a carpenter from an insignificant village, a low-life, a nobody. Still others put him as a god among many gods. Beyond that,
he's not much more. But, keep reading. There IS more.

When you say, "Jesus is the Lord," there's a few radical implications. It's saying that Jesus is God, capital G. That means he's not just a god who
is equivalent to other worldly gods, no. He is the one and only God that
is supreme and above all gods. It's saying that he is the Messiah that the Jewish nation was awaiting his coming as prophesied in the Holy Bible. It's also saying, that he has authority and unrivaled power.

But wasn't he a person, a being made of flesh and bones? Yes! However, we need to address that God is a three-part deity. We call God the Trinity—God the Father, Jesus the Son, and Holy Spirit the Helper. Together, they are one in the same and yet have individual beings, names, and functions. No single part is any less or any more than the others. So Jesus is part
of this triad.

Now, if Jesus is God, why did he live among humanity? God the Father chose to send his son, Jesus, to earth to bring unity to his people who were corrupted and who lost their way. He came to die for our sins and
to be the ultimate example of a blameless life.

Let's just say that God's people weren't doing so hot and they needed his intervention. Think about a friend you love. If they were making poor choices and needed correction and guidance, wouldn't you step in? Think about if they were your child. Would you go to any length necessary to rescue them from wrecking their life? God is our perfect Father. And he showed that perfection by sacrificing his son Jesus on behalf of us when we couldn't save ourselves. Jesus died on the cross for our sins when we were still messing up.

We did nothing to deserve that. Nothing.

Best yet, the beautiful life of Jesus did not end at the cross. He overcame death by raising from the dead three days later. Yeah, only three days in the grave. Jesus is alive and well. That's something extraordinary to celebrate. He paid the ultimate price only to prove his God-makeup to
the world.

But that's the God who loves us. That's my Jesus. And he is Lord. May
the truths of this message bless you. May your life find rest in the arms
of Christ.

Do I realize the power
of that statement?