Personal Brand Identity


I love personal brand identities. It gives people permission to express themselves through unique design. Shannon is a multi-talented writer and communicator. But she also has a joy for rockclimbing and backpacking. And so, I wanted to capture her true self as accurate as possible. She communicated her vision simply into three parts: career, passion, and intent. It helped me navigate an honest approach to capture her essence.

I asked Shannon to digitally hand write her signature and other words on the iPad. This was intentional to reflect her authentic persona. I then designed an asymmetrical pine tree to symbolize her love for the outdoors. The color palette and design elements are earthy, yet mature, to attribute the professional career side that Shannon also represents. I wanted everything to feel organic and unforced so that her story has space to breathe through it.



  • Logo
  • Headshots
  • Lifestyle photography
  • Digitized hand illustrations
  • Resume
  • Business cards
  • Website graphics